High performance air insulated switchgear designed and manufactured in accordance with IEC 62271.


  • Type tested in accordance with IEC 62271
  • High reliability
  • Less maintenance
  • Consideration to safety
  • Small footprint


As one of 10ZA variations, motor starter panel arrangement for 12kV can be also available.



Type BZ-C-12-25
Applicable Standard IEC62271-200
Rated Voltage 12kV
Rated Current Main Busbar 630A, 1250A
Branch Circuit 630A, 1251A
Rated Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Shot-Time Current 25kA-3s
Withstand Voltage 28kV
Impulse Withstand Voltage 75kV
Bus Configration Single Bus
Service Condition Attitude < 1000m
Ambient Temperrature -5 ~ 40℃ (24h average < 35℃)
Humidity 24h average < 95% (1 month average <90%)
Degree of Protection Enclosure IP4X
Partition IP2X
Partition Class PM
Loss of Service Continuty Category LSC2B (Figure 106, IEC62270-200)
Control Source 110Vdc (30Vcd, 125Vcd option)
Motor Charging Source 110Vcd (220/230/240Vac, 125Vdc option)
Earthing Switch Applicable Standard IEC62271-102
Shot-Time Current 25kA-3s
Making Current 62.5kA@50Hz/65kA@60Hz
Electrical Endurance E1
Mechanical Endurance M0

Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB)

Type VZA-12
Applicable Standard IEC62271-100
Class S1/E2/C2/M2
Rated Voltage 12kV
Rated Current 630A, 1250A
Rated Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Shot-Time Current 25kA-3s
Rated Breaking Current 25kA
Rated Making Current 62.5kA@50Hz/65kA@60Hz
Operating Duty O-0.3s-CO-3min-CO CO-15s-CO
Operating Mechanism Motor Charged Spring
Closing Aux. Current 3.7@110Vdc
Tripping Aux. Current 3.2@110Vdc
Motor Charging Aux. Current 0.8A@110Vdc-8s